I. Making a reservation through the booking system has following steps:
  • 1. The customer is given the opportunity to choose available dates from the booking table.
  • 2. Having familiarised themself with the price, the customer can choose the date for the chosen type of accommodation, additional requests or package.
  • 3. Having selected the offer, the customer must go to another stage of booking – a form, where they shall specify their personal data and any particular notes/requests for the booking
  • 4. Having filled the form, the customer must pay an advance in one of the following ways:
    * By credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard)
    * By electronic bank transfer (UAB Paysera LT);
    *By bank transfer or later;
    • 4a. Having selected one of two first options, the customer is redirected to a website where payment can be made via UAB Paysera LT. The data authorisation starts from the connection to the system with the help of the encrypted 128-bit protocol of the UAB Paysera. Upon acceptance of the payment by the EVP International system, the customer will be automatically notified via e-mail to confirm the payment and booking. The e-mail confirming booking shall be presented at the hotel as a proof of payment and to confirm the outstanding amount.
    • 4b. Having selected the third payment option (by bank transfer or later), the customer will receive the preliminary confirmation of the booking via e-mail; however, the booking will only be finalised upon payment of the advance by a simple bank transfer or via the online system. . A preliminary booking is maintained for 48 hours from the time of ordering, and if no advance payment confirmation is received during this time, the booking can be cancelled. Upon receipt of an advanced payment, an e-mail confirming the booking will be sent to the customer. The booking confirmation must be shown to the administrator for the final settlement.
    • 4c. The customer using personal account on BookingRobot system, has an option to link his credit card to the system. In that case, every time the customer buys a hotel service, the amount will be charged automatically from his credit card at the time of purchase. The customer can unlink his credit card at any time, by going to account settings, clicking on „Payment Cards“and keying „Delete“. The customer ‘s credit card data is protected by UAB Paysera LT registered by LB.
  • 5. The Customer understands that in the event of a failure / programming error in the online reservation system, if the published service price is unreasonably low / high, the Resort Baure has the right to inform the Customer about the error and demand full payment within 10 days of booking confirmation, and If the Customer refuses to pay the full price - terminate the contract / refuse to provide services without covering the Customer's losses.
Ia. Booking on request

In the absence of the desired free room in the electronic booking system, the customer may fill out a request form. After completing the form, the customer will receive a confirmation of the term (or its absence) by e-mail and information on how to pay the advance. The customer can make the advance payment by credit card, by electronic or simple bank transfer. Bookings will be confirmed only upon receipt of an advance payment. After paying the advance, the customer will receive an e-mail including their details, hotel name, total accommodation price, advance payment and amount to be paid at the Resort Baure.

II. Payment and cancelation terms
  • 1. The customer purchases rental services from Rasa Visockienė, (hereinafter - SERVICE PROVIDER) business license no. HY344921-1
  • 2. The customer pays an advance payment by one of the three ways specified on the system. The remaining amount is paid on arrival to Resort Baure.
  • 3. The customer does not pay any costs related to the execution of the reservation transaction.
  • 4. If the reservation is cancelled, the full amount of the advance paid will be lost.
  • 5. If the Customer has made a reservation at the promotional price offered by the Hotel with the package of promotional services, and the customer changes the terms, the Hotel has the right to recalculate the full price of the booking according to the prices valid at that time.
  • 6. The service provider is responsible for refunding the cardholders in case they cancel the reservation.
III. Final provisions
  • 1. The customer must provide correct personal details in the booking form. Resort Baure is not responsible for incorrectly selected arrival or departure date or for other incorrect data provided by the Customer.
  • 2. The electronic payment system UAB Paysera LT is responsible for providing correct money charging service.
  • 3. The resort Baure or the online booking service is not responsible for the unavailability of the system through no fault of their own and for other problems beyond their control.
IV. Personal data

By reserving at the Baure Resort, the customer agrees that his personal data will be included in the service database. This data will be used for the completion of the reservation procedure and for marketing purposes in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EB. (Hereinafter - data protection regulation), the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, other legal acts of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania.

V. Provision of services agreement

By ticking the checkbox next to „I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and ordering rules” the customer states that he understands and accepts terms and conditions. The booking is not allowed until the listed terms and conditions are confirmed.

Rules for ordering gift certificates:
  • 1. The gift certificate(s) confirms the right of the holder of the gift certificate(s) to use the Services within the amount specified on the gift certificate(s).
  • 2. The holders of gift certificate(s) can only use the services of Resort Baure.
  • 3. If the price of the selected Services exceeds the value of the gift certificate(s), the difference can be paid in cash at the reception desk.
  • 4. Gift certificates cannot be exchanged for cash
  • 5. Gift certificates are valid for the 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise specified
  • 6. If the gift certificates are not used during their validity period, they are considered expired and their value cannot be refunded.
  • 7. If the holder of the gift certificate(s) uses Services that do not amount to the specified value on the gift certificate(s), the remaining amount for the gift certificate(s) shall not be refunded to the holder
  • 8. No VAT invoice shall be issued to the holder of a gift certificate(s) using them for payment
  • 9. The gift certificate(s) must be used within one visit